IT Portfolio and Performance Management

Many government agencies and private organizations have a large and dispersed IT infrastructure. This typically means that IT projects and systems operate in silos, often with duplicative or overlapping functionality. As such, there is limited systematic, end-to-end performance analysis of these IT projects and their impact on the overall organization. Emerging Sun’s comprehensive IT portfolio and performance management services allow government agencies and private organizations to properly and objectively assess the strengths and weaknesses embedded in the organization’s current IT portfolio. Specifically, our approach enables management to:

  • Classify IT programs by key dimensions (e.g. type, size, spend, criticality, scope, duration)
  • Analyze IT programs and assess their status, performance, and alignment with overall strategic objectives
  • Highlight potential problems in project performance before they can produce a negative impact
  • Identify projects/programs that provide minimal value and have limited or no impact on the overall delivery of information and services
  • Identify IT performance gaps and review potential solutions that directly address them
  • Make intelligent investment decisions from this information, in order to strengthen and optimize its portfolio of IT projects and programs.