Thought Leadership

Emerging Sun has authored several articles and white papers that demonstrate our thought leadership.

Our articles have appeared in leading IT publications such as CIO Insight, Baseline, and Public CIO, with a primary focus on concepts to help IT leaders maximize their returns on their IT investments.

8 Tips for Boosting Return on IT
The current economic environment presents many challenges for IT executives, since reduced budgets and increased financial scrutiny make it difficult to manage existing operations and still have room to make new investments in new technologies. To succeed, IT executives need to focus on maximizing their “R.O.I.T.” – Return on Information Technology – for both current and future IT projects. An R.O.I.T. focus pushes the organization to make the most efficient use of its capital, by managing and driving performance metrics that maximize financial value. Read More →

Identifying Red Flags in Your IT Spend
How much money did your organization spend on IT products and services last year? What were the largest IT spend categories? Who were the top IT vendors in each category? These should be relatively easy and reasonable questions, but many IT executives do not have a firm grasp of the answers. IT spend management is a critical exercise in the overall effort to improve an agency’s Return on Information Technology (ROIT). From this effort, organizations are better prepared to identify the “red flags” in their IT spend, and take corrective actions to address them. Read More →

Four Tips for Controlling IT Tail Spend
Addressing the IT organization’s small, unmanaged “tail” spend is an important part of supplier portfolio management, and will enable the organization to reduce operating costs, achieve greater quality control, and reduce vendor risks. Read More →

CIO Advice for Driving Value
Gloria Parker is CEO and Senior Partner of Parker Group Consulting, based in the Washington, D.C. metropolitan area. She previously served as the first Chief Technology Officer and subsequently the first Chief Information Officer of the Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD). In this article, Ms. Parker discusses ways CIOs can succeed in today’s political and economic climate, and how CIOs can get the most out of their resources and human capital. Read More →

Five Steps for Improved Performance Management
Many companies and government agencies have a large and dispersed IT infrastructure. This typically means that IT projects and systems operate in silos, often with duplicative or overlapping functionality. As such, there is limited systematic, end-to-end performance analysis of IT projects and their impact on the overall organization. A comprehensive performance management review will allow the organization to properly and objectively assess the strengths and weaknesses embedded in the organization’s current IT portfolio. Read More →